Beauty Christmas Faces


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Beauty Christmas Faces

Hi Guys,

It’s long been a tradition in my family to get dressed up for
Christmas lunch. My mother and I shop for a new “Christmas
Day Dress” each year, and of course, we always team it with a
beautifully festive make-up look.

This year, I’m going to rock a smokey eye with a soft nude lip.
It’s a look that suits most, and it’s so easy to get. I wanted to
share with you my tips.

Firstly, this look is best against a soft-powder, so banish your
dewy foundations to the back of the vanity this month. Try Eles
Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF15
, $66.50.

Apply just enough foundation to look like your skin, only
better, and be sure to blend well, especially along your jaw and

Once you’ve got your base in place, the rest of the look falls
together quite simply. Here’s How:

Apply a pale highlighter shadow along your brow bone,
following the natural arch of your perfectly groomed brow.
This makes your eyes appear brighter and wider, which most of
us need at this time of year. Don’t opt for white shadow – it’s
too harsh and can leave a chalky finish so close to your smokey
shades. A soft cream or ivory will be perfect, like Eles Mineral
Eyeshadow Single Compact in Alabaster
, $26.90.

Now, choose either a deep brown, navy or charcoal shadow
and apply to the lid. Try Eles Mineral Matte Shadow in either
Indigo or Teak
, $26.90. Alternatively, buy your entire eye kit
together in one slick palette: Eles Signature Quad in Nouveau
, $99.

Take the shadow only up to just slightly higher than the crease
of the eye, but wing it out at the corners. Concentrate the
darkest colour close to the lash line, the next lightest on the
ball of the lid and fade to almost sheer as you get to the crease
of the eye, blending it outwards towards the temples.

Now, bring a slightly smudged line of the darkest shadow under
the lower lash line, carefully applying all the way to the inner
corner of the lower eyelid.

Skip eyeliner for this look – the shadow makes enough of a
statement. Plus, it’s a daytime look (although you can darken it
for pre-Christmas cocktail soirees, of course). Simply slick on a
few coats of mascara to the top lashes only, layering heavily at
the outer lashes for a doe-eyed look. Leave bottom lashes free
from mascara to keep the look bright and clean. Try Eles Lush
, $35.75.

Keep cheeks simple. Choose a subtle coral hue, like Eles
Mineral Matte Blush in Adobe
, $45, and blend ever so lightly
from the apples of your cheek along the actual line of the
cheekbone, up towards the temples.

Don’t take it down under your cheekbones, as this can drag
your face down and add years to look. By applying your
blush higher, you lift the face and make it appear fresher and

Keep lips creamy or glossy and in a soft nude hue. The light will
bounce off beautifully and make your pout appear fuller.

To test the right shade for you, bite your lips gently. Now match
your lipstick to the colour your lips flush to. Try Eles Lipstick,

Always prep lips first with a hydrating lip balm. It gives the
pigment in your lipstick something to adhere to and adds
longevity of wear.

For a beautifully natural finish, with no harsh lines, swipe
colour on the pad of your ring fingertip, then press it gently
onto your lips to blend.

And, that is it – simple, but naturally festive and perfect for
Christmas Day in the Southern Hemisphere!

Have a great party season!

Love and light,

Shonagh Walker x

How to Make Your Lashes Longer

Since 4000BC, when records show Ancient Egyptian women used kohl to darken their lashes, women all around the world have been going to great lengths (‘scuse the pun) to achieve long, luscious eyelashes.
We’ve gathered our best tips and tricks to achieving long lashes without having to resort to falsies!

Liner Love
Apply your eyeliner close to the lash line to create the illusion of more hair at the roots than there really is. Our Liquiliner has a easy-to-use slim, flexible brush made from natural hair, making precise application a breeze even for first-time liquid liner users. Even better, this liner contains a 100% natural algae Bio-Boost complex that uses natural phytohormones and bio transformed Ginger Root to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage growth.

Use a Curler
Invest in an eyelash curler to add extra volume to your lashes. Use it BEFORE you apply mascara and clamp your lashes as close to the roots as you can get to achieve maximum volume.
Don’t have a curler handy? Take a teaspoon and warm it up with hot water then dry it completely. Make sure it’s not too hot so you don’t burn your eyelid then hold it against your lashes with the concave part facing your eye. Finally, press the underneath of your eyelashes firmly with your thumb against the edge of the spoon and hold.
This isn’t as effective as having an eyelash curler but it will do in a pinch!

Long-term Love
Find a mascara that is not only designed to make your lashes look longer while you’re wearing it but helps them grow so you can maintain long lashes long term.
Our Lush Mascara has a protein-rich formula with nine botanicals and Vitamins A, C and E to condition and nourish your lashes.
If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, our Sensitive Mascara will help you achieve long lashes without having to endure itchy, irritated eyes all day.

Wiggle, Wiggle
When applying mascara, hold the wand at the base of the lashes and wiggle from side to side before brushing upwards to the end of the lashes. The wiggle will help evenly distribute mascara and create a base to make your lashes appear fuller.

Brush and Repeat
Apply one coat as above then and allow to dry while you do the other eye. Go back and brush the top quarter of your lashes with your Lash Comb to avoid clumping and create a natural, feathery look. If they’re not quite long enough yet, apply another coat of mascara using the technique above and repeat.

Rest and Repair
It’s important to properly remove all traces of eye makeup before you go to bed to give your lashes some time to breathe. NEVER pick your mascara off! We know it can be tempting but it will pull your lashes out and damage them.
We suggest Pevonia’s Eye Makeup Remover. It’s gentle, calming and decongesting, combining Lettuce, Cucumber, and Arnica to remove your eye make-up without pressure or friction.

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