From red lips to glowy skin and the return of low ponytail, read about the themes that occurred again and again at the European spring/summer 2015 fashion shows.



The “no makeup” makeup is a strong theme this season.  Move over heavy makeup and enter the world of tinted moisturisers, BB Creams and Concealers to achieve the perfect bare faced beauty.  We recommend ELES BB Cream, in Light, Medium and Deep for great coverage you can’t see!



It’s a purple haze this season as all the plumb, lilac and violet shades emerge on the eyes and nails to offset warm coral lips.  Try ELES Matte Eye shadow in Hyacinth for a soft icy take on this super-cool look.



Rich berry red, bright orange red and true matte red, they’re all back!  After a season of heavy eyes and “barely there” lips the classic red lip makes a welcome comeback.  Get your pucker up with ELES Colour Balm in Classique for a modern take on an old friend.



In keeping with the trend for “natural and real” beauty, hair partings are moving to centre stage and the aim is to make them less precise and a little askew.



Big, bold, high definition brows move aside for a softer, less defined brow, we recommend ELES Brow Sculpt for a wash of colour rather than a harsh line



Hair is messy but adorned with accessories for an added touch of femininity.  The look is romantic and sweet and anything goes!



Black eyeliner never goes out of style but this year we’ve been more creative; grungy smokey liner, half and half eyeliner (only apply to the outer half of the upper and lower lashes) and heavy bottom eyeliner take over from the precise classic cat eye.  Try our new Gel Liners for lasting and versatile effects



No more powdery, matte complexions, skin is decidedly dewy and luminous. Highlighters, bronzers and moisture rich foundations are the go and the more multi-tasking the better!  We love ELES Mineral Bronzer in Rio De Janeiro, it adds both dimension and subtle shine for a true summer glow



Whether from need to get ready quickly each day or from a desire to return to the 70’s the night time plait and crimpy hair has re-emerged.  This summer the trend is to look relaxed and youthful and less coiffed.  Texturizing hair sprays feature strong in the desire for “bed hair” and soft waves make a comeback.



Always elegant and timeless the low pony makes a comeback, however, put away your combs and brushes the look is more textured and messy.  Think “I’m five years old and doing this myself”.  Great for keeping cool in summer and hiding the “greasies” between hair washes!



Gold is back!  Gold accessories and gold eye-shadow are very on-trend this season and the more the better!  We love ELES Superwear Gel Liner in Baroque, smudge it around your eyes for grungy glitz and glamour



Can’t decide what colour to wear? Easy, wear them all, multi-colour nails take over from fussy nail art and any combination goes.  At $15 a pop you can stock up on ELES healthy nail formulas and go colour mad!

What is your favourite trend for Spring/Summer 2014?

Which Eyeliner? Choosing the Right Liner for Your Look

We’ve got three types of eyeliner in our range, the Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner, Liqui Liner and Powder Liner Pencil. While at first it might seem crazy to keep three eyeliners on hand, each one helps to achieve a certain look.
We’ve curated a few fierce liner looks and pin pointed exactly which product will help you achieve the looks.

Best For Smokey Eye
Mila Kunis is the queen of the smokey eye and she seems to get the subtle blending down pat. Our Powder Liner Pencil is the ultimate in creating the classic sexy smokey eye. It leaves a soft powdery finish that will last all day plus has a specially designed sponge tip end to diffuse and blend with.

Best for Winged Eyeliner
Cute The Hills star Lauren Conrad loves a winged eye! Use our Liqui Liner to create this look. The easy to use slim-lined flexible brush made with natural hair makes precise application a breeze while the waterproof formula will dry and set instantly!
EXPERT TIP: Having trouble getting your flicks just right? Take a little bit of stick tape and take some of the stick away by pressing and removing it on your hand then apply it just below the bottom of the eye cornering upwards. Use this to trace your flicks and remove once the eyeliner is dry. Easy!

Best for Everyday Definition
If you’re looking for an eyeliner to define the eyes without making a statement, look no further than the Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner. It’s long-lasting, waterproof, preservative free, mineral oil-free and contains anti-oxidants and Vitamins C and E, making it the perfect pencil for every day use.

Which of these liner looks do you love most? 

Get Sorted: Organising and Storing Your Makeup

Storing makeup can be a challenge, especially if you’re sharing space with other people. Given that it’s something most of us use every day, it’s worth getting organised so you can cut time from your morning routine and keep your products clean.
Follow these steps for the ultimate makeup spring clean:

1. Check for Expired Product
If you’re anything like us, you can tend to hoard products without even realizing it. Get everything you’ve got out and take a look at it. Is there anything that you can’t even remember purchasing? Read this story on expired products to determine whether or not they’re headed for the bin. If you find empty containers, throw them out. Broken makeup? Read this post as you might be able to salvage them.

2. Clean
Gather all your makeup brushes and give them the once-over. Any that are truly dismal looking should head to the bin and you can purchase fresh ones here.
Those that are still worth keeping probably need a good clean. Check out out guide to washing makeup brushes. Once they’re dry, you’ll want to find a way to store them. We found this image on Pinterest and love the idea of keeping things organised and looking gorgeous cute at the same time.

3. Sort 
Now that you’ve thrown out the expired products and products you haven’t touched in months and taken out your brushes, you’ll have a better idea of what you’ve got.
Organise everything into categories – base, eyes, lips and extras – and work out what you use every day, what you use every few days and what you only use for special occasions. If you’re the type to touch up on the go, you might also like to work out which products you need to carry with you.

4. Store
Whatever you use everyday should be on display and ready to grab. Check out The Makeup Box Shop. They have fabulous containers that allow you to see all your makeup so you can grab whatever you need. Fill the top drawers with your every day products and the next few with the things you only use every few days.
Invest in a few Makeup Bags and keep one with a few products that you can carry everywhere. Don’t let your makeup float around your bag, it will dirty your hand bag, leave germs on the product and it’s more likely you’ll lose things.
In another makeup bag, keep the products you only use for special occasions. This can be stored in a drawer or cupboard as you won’t need it as frequently.

5. Assess
After a week or so, assess how you think your newly organised makeup situation has been working for you. If there is anything stored that you’re using more often than you realized, get it out. Anything you didn’t touch can be stored.
You might also find that there are a few things your missing. If so, it’s time to hit the ELES Shop and get shopping!

Makeup Inspired by the Medals

With a few more medals for the Aussies secured and the London Olympics Closing Ceremony just around the corner, we thought we’d pay a little tribute to the games with this medal-inspired makeup wrap up.

Gold is an incredibly versatile shade that can be played up or down for day to night looks. Golden shimmers bring a subtle warmth to the skin and help with contouring and highlighting.
If you have brown or green eyes with golden flecks, try a gold eyeshadow to play that aspect up a little.
Colour Tides Mineral Shimmer Powder in Peaches and Cream, Mineral Sheer Veil in Golden Veil, LipTox in Contessa, Mineral Eyeshadow in Limestone

A little white-silver in the inside corners of your eyes instantly opens up the eyes and gives you a bright, wide-awake look.
Grey-silver nail polish gives you an edgy look without being as over-bearing as black and seems to suit every skin tone imaginable.
Finish off your look with a subtle veil of shimmer to create next-level porcelain perfection.
Mineral Eyeshadow in Opal, Mineral Sheer Veil in Porcelain, Mineral Gemstone Powder in Corrector, Nail Polish in Shady Lady

Far from third place in the makeup stakes, bronze is a beauty staple that we can’t quite imagine life without!
Whether it’s summer or winter, we turn to bronzer to get a faux-glow worthy of a week in the Caribbean and love a slick of bronze-toned gloss.
Bronze eyeshadow is incredibly versatile and works wonders in bringing out blue eyes.
Mineral Eyeshadow in Moonstone, Mineral Eyeshadow in Topaz, Super Gloss in Super Raisin, Mineral Finishing Powder Bronzer Duo

Are you going for gold, silver or bronze in the makeup games?