Bright Eyes in a Flash

This easy-as-pie eyeshadow look works with on just about everyone out there. It makes the whites of your eyes whiter, opens up the eyes and gives the appearance of a few extra hours sleep.

1: Apply Powder Liner Pencil in Chocolate to your top eye line, starting with the outside corner and working in until you’re about halfway.
2. Create a sideways V shape with the liner with the top half being along the crease of the eye and extending into a soft flick and use the blending sponge to blend.

3. Apply Mineral Matte Shadow in Teak to the outer corner of the eye working upwards and outwards and blending well.
4. Take your Mineral Eyeshadow in Opal and apply several layers of to the inside eye contour. Blend this into the bottom inside corner of the eye to complete the look.
5. Finally, take your Lush Mascara in Lush Black and apply a very light layer to upper and lower lashes using slow sweeping motions and fanning the lashes out. Comb the lashes to separate with a lash comb.

August Gift with Purchase – Luscious Lashes

Mascara is the desert-island must have choice of many beauty savvy babes and one of the few products just about every girl owns. It gives you the look of a few extra hours sleep, frames your pretty peepers and completes a look with the swipe of a brush.

We have two mascara formulas here at ELES;
Our clever Lush Mascara has a hollow-fibre brush that lifts and separates the lashes to create volume and length. The protein-rich formula comprises of nine botanicals, plus Vitamins A, E and C to condition, protect and encourage lash growth and flexibility.
If you wear contacts or have sensitive skin and eyes, you can’t go past our Sensitive Eyes Mascara. This fragrance free, botanical formula won’t irritate your delicate eyes and will give your lashes natural-looking length.

This month, we’re giving you a chance to try one of these fabulous mascara formulas when you spend $100 or more. And we’re also throwing in a lash groomer so you can ensure your lashes are looking clump-free and perfect at all times.

Want to go shopping? Head to the ELES Shop.
Want to learn more about creating lashes worth batting? Read this blog post for all our tips and trick. 

How to Apply Eyeshadow Using a Quad

The beauty of eyeshadow quads is that they not only offer you four colours in one handy compact but those colours are a match made in heaven. The colours in your quad can easily be used on their own to create a striking look or you can use them together to contour your eyes to create a flawless almond shape.
Contouring your eyes is easier than you might think and we’re here to show you how…

Our Signature Quad in Nakeds will be our model today.

1. Using your Eyeshadow Fluff Brush, apply shade 1 (the lightest shade) all over the eyelid all the way up to the brow bone. This will serve as both a base and to highlight.
2. Apply shade 2 to the Inner, Middle and Outer lid – so  from the lashline all the way up to the crease. Blend with your base.
3. Using an Angle Eyeshadow Brush, apply shade 3 on the crease to add dimension to the eyelid. Apply more on the outside corner, fading to the inside.
4. Using a Short Angle Eyeliner apply shade 4 (darkest shade) along the upper lash line as if you’re applying an eyeliner.
5. Add a coat of Lush Mascara to finish things off and get ready to impress.

Expert Tips:
– If you want to make your eyes appear larger, use a little highlighter on the inner lid
– Mineral shadows can be dampened to give the shades more depth. Read our ‘Just Add Water’ guide to find out more about how to achieve this look.
– If you want to create a subtle cat-eye, you can do so using your Short Angle Eyeliner brush and the darkest eyeshadow colour in your quad. Alternatively, create the cat-eye look with our Liqui Liner.


How to Wash Makeup Brushes

There are three types of women in the world. Those who have a brush for pretty much every step of their makeup routine, those who use two or three brushes and those who have only ever found the use for a blush brush.

No matter which category you’re in, you need to know three things;
1) Better quality brushes are an investment. They last longer, create a more flawless finish and are better for your skin
2) You need to look after your brushes if you want them to last the distance
3) Cleaning brushes is not an option, it’s a necessity
Our makeup brushes have been designed by professional makeup artists and are made from the highest quality plush natural hair. If you treat them right, they will last you a long time and will be one of the best makeup investments you’ve ever made.

Top tips to washing your ELES Makeup Brushes:
Frequency – This is not an annual event, you should be washing your brushes every 2 – 4 weeks depending on how much you use them.

Save on Cleaner, Spend on Brushes – There are plenty of great products out there designed specifically for washing makeup brushes but baby shampoo or even a face cleanser will do the same thing!

Lather, Rinse and Repeat – Do NOT soak your brushes! Apply a small amount of soap to damp to the bristles and lather it up a little. Next, rinse the bristles underneath warm water until it runs clear. You might need to repeat these steps several times if it’s been a while since your last clean.
LONG-LIFE TIP: Wash the bristles of the brushes rather than the whole brush to avoid loosening the glue and sending the bristles shedding.

Dry Rules – Once you’ve finished washing, gently towel the brushes then lay them flat across a towel to air dry. If it’s particularly cold out, you might want to use a blow dryer on a low setting  to take out some of the dampness.
NEVER stand them up to dry, it will cause your brushes to shed.

Store your brushes in a dry environment to keep them in good condition. Try not to store them in the bathroom where steam from the shower can dampen them. Investing in a professional roll-up brush bag will keep them in top condition.

That’s it! Remember, try to clean your brushes every 2-4 weeks to keep them in tip-top condition and they could last up to three years depending on how often you use them.

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