Traveling Beauty: Bigger, Bolder, Brighter Eyes in 4 Easy Steps

Traveling Beauty

Every lady traveler’s dilemma: “How do I squeeze in all of my travel must have’s in this 7kg hand luggage?”

Oh my! You’ve got an hour to pack and you’ve got lots of things to keep close while onboard the plane.

✔ Passport, ticket, other important documents
✔ Gadgets: laptop or tablet, cellphone, camera etc.
✔ Scarf
✔ Basic skincare needs
✔ Makeup

The list doesn’t end there and as you try to put in more, you’ll of course have to minimize the number of items that fall under each kind. Makeup is a perfect example. You don’t need all of your makeup brushes. You don’t need too many lipstick. You don’t need to carry so many eye shadows!

When you’re traveling, we recommend you don’t put on too much makeup. The humidity inside the aircraft is way too low when you’re 40,000 feet above the ground causing your skin to dry. We recommend that instead of makeup, you go for a good moisturiser that’s easily absorbed by your skin. Drink plenty of fluid and catch some sleep.

Before touchdown, you wouldn’t want to look like you just got off your bed,would you? How do you make your eyes look bigger and bolder without having to carry too much makeup? EASY. You can achieve bright eyes with these four essential items.

ELES bigger brighter eyes in four steps

Hydra Bright Line Diffuser

This is a fantastic product that can make you look bright and flawless! It works with light diffusing ingredients to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, conceal under-eye darkness and camouflage any other imperfections.

For bigger eyes: Apply ELES Hydra Bright Line Diffuser

2 Compact Eyeshadow Palette

All three favourite shadows in one compact makes it easy for you to switch to a new look from time to time. Choose one neutral color like brown, one bright and daring for outdoors, and black if you have an evening party to attend.

For bigger eyes: Apply a neutral color (Bronzite 001, Limestone 004, or Topaz 007) on your inner rim. Pick shadows and customize your palette here.

Powder Liner Pencil in Chocolate

This powder liner is a wonder tool! Depending on the thickness of application, from light to heavy, it can turn a natural look to professional or evening look. The other end is a smudge tip that makes blending easier.

For bigger eyes: Stay away from black. Apply chocolate along your lash line for a more neutral look and blend using the smudge tip.

Sensitive Eyes Mascara

Thick eyelashes are instant head turners! This Sensitive Eyes Mascara gives you the lush look while keeping your eyes safe. Its fragrance-free, botanical formula magnifies your lashes without irritation. Perfect for travels!

For bigger eyes: Apply the first coat of mascara in an upward motion. Apply a second coat in outward motion (on your left eye – towards the left; right eye – towards the right).

There you have it! Your goal is to look fresh, not to look all made up!

Do you have a travel makeup tip that you want to share? Comment below!