From red lips to glowy skin and the return of low ponytail, read about the themes that occurred again and again at the European spring/summer 2015 fashion shows.



The “no makeup” makeup is a strong theme this season.  Move over heavy makeup and enter the world of tinted moisturisers, BB Creams and Concealers to achieve the perfect bare faced beauty.  We recommend ELES BB Cream, in Light, Medium and Deep for great coverage you can’t see!



It’s a purple haze this season as all the plumb, lilac and violet shades emerge on the eyes and nails to offset warm coral lips.  Try ELES Matte Eye shadow in Hyacinth for a soft icy take on this super-cool look.



Rich berry red, bright orange red and true matte red, they’re all back!  After a season of heavy eyes and “barely there” lips the classic red lip makes a welcome comeback.  Get your pucker up with ELES Colour Balm in Classique for a modern take on an old friend.



In keeping with the trend for “natural and real” beauty, hair partings are moving to centre stage and the aim is to make them less precise and a little askew.



Big, bold, high definition brows move aside for a softer, less defined brow, we recommend ELES Brow Sculpt for a wash of colour rather than a harsh line



Hair is messy but adorned with accessories for an added touch of femininity.  The look is romantic and sweet and anything goes!



Black eyeliner never goes out of style but this year we’ve been more creative; grungy smokey liner, half and half eyeliner (only apply to the outer half of the upper and lower lashes) and heavy bottom eyeliner take over from the precise classic cat eye.  Try our new Gel Liners for lasting and versatile effects



No more powdery, matte complexions, skin is decidedly dewy and luminous. Highlighters, bronzers and moisture rich foundations are the go and the more multi-tasking the better!  We love ELES Mineral Bronzer in Rio De Janeiro, it adds both dimension and subtle shine for a true summer glow



Whether from need to get ready quickly each day or from a desire to return to the 70’s the night time plait and crimpy hair has re-emerged.  This summer the trend is to look relaxed and youthful and less coiffed.  Texturizing hair sprays feature strong in the desire for “bed hair” and soft waves make a comeback.



Always elegant and timeless the low pony makes a comeback, however, put away your combs and brushes the look is more textured and messy.  Think “I’m five years old and doing this myself”.  Great for keeping cool in summer and hiding the “greasies” between hair washes!



Gold is back!  Gold accessories and gold eye-shadow are very on-trend this season and the more the better!  We love ELES Superwear Gel Liner in Baroque, smudge it around your eyes for grungy glitz and glamour



Can’t decide what colour to wear? Easy, wear them all, multi-colour nails take over from fussy nail art and any combination goes.  At $15 a pop you can stock up on ELES healthy nail formulas and go colour mad!

What is your favourite trend for Spring/Summer 2014?

What the experts are saying about the ELES Summer Look Earth Goddess

A hot, long (and at times unbearable!) Australian summer lends itself to a soft, natural and hazy makeup look to see the warm days through.

The ELES Earth Goddess Summer combines earth tones with a warm bronze to exude a healthy, sun kissed glow. Created by using the Age Defying BB Cream, Mineral Sheer Bronzer for skin the shines through with a glowing radiance; Signature Quad in Naturalist & Dimensional Cake Liner in Chocolate Spice for smoky buildable earth tones and Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Mocha for natural lips with a creamy finish.

Brows are soft and natural and lashes long, voluminous and feathery to softly smoulder. The ELES Earth Goddess embodies the natural, sun beaten landscape and carefree essence of an Australian Summer!

Want to know more? Read what expert beauty bloggers from across the nation had to say about this gorgeous look, reminiscent of a hazy warm summer.

kimbalikes eles makeup earth goddess summer 2013
Kimba Likes by Kim-Marie Williams

Age Defying BB Cream 30 in Light
“The coverage is excellent, plus gives a beautiful dewy look to the face.”

Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Mocha
“It is far more mauve than it appears in the tube and gives the lips a pretty natural colour whilst allowing the eyes to take focus. It wears beautifully and is comfortable upon the lips. Not to be underestimated!”

Mineral Sheer Bronzer in Rio De Janeiro
“It is actually sheer so doesn’t require the precision touch of a butterfly to get it right. Want more? Just layer on more. I absolutely adore this bronzer and it has made it to my daily face list.”

sue love eles makeup earth goddess summer 2013Sue Love xx

“The Mineral Sheer Bronzer in Rio De Janeiro was a perfect shade for contouring to create a sun kissed look. I’m always wary of orange-toned bronzers however this one was very natural looking.”

“For the eyes, this Eyeshadow Quad in Naturalist provided the staple shades to create a smoky brown look.”

Micro Bubble Lipstick
“I have about 5 different [ELES] shades and cannot fault a single one. They are moisturising, pigmented and a breeze to apply.”

njtblogger eles makeup earth goddess summer 2013NJT Reviews

Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Mocha
“This lipstick was very chic and elegant looking. I feel so posh in it haha! The colouring of this was very bold but natural is that makes sense.”

Mineral Sheer Bronzer in Rio De Janeiro
“Wohhhooo this Bronzer is a la fancy! This has become my most loved bronzer – from the packaging right down to the product!”

Signature Quad in Naturalist
“The awesome thing about the quads is it’s all the colours put together that you will need to create a smoky eye! ELES provide such silky, delicate and gorgeous shades to ready make those eyes stand out.”

Dimensional Cake Liner in Chocolate Spice
“I loved the glittery brown! It’s very rare I’ll use glitter products because I hate having specs of glitter everywhere on my face after applying but this stayed put, no movement and certainly no glitter all over my face.”

chermaineho eles makeup earth goddess summer 2013Chermaine Ho

Signature Quad in Naturalist
“After trying it out, I must say that I really like it! All the shadows are highly pigmented and they last long.”

Mineral Sheer Bronzer in Rio De Janeiro
“This is the first bronzer I’ve tried from ELES Cosmetics and I must say that I’m highly impressed!”

Dimensional Cake Liner in Chocolate Spice
“I like how pigmented these two shades are. Even without adding water, the colour goes on very well. I especially like the glitter shade because it gives off the perfect touch of sparkle.”

Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Mocha
“It is such a beautiful colour and it gives off that “my lips but better” look.”

questjen eles makeup earth goddess summer 2013Quest Jen

Age Defying BB Cream 30
“This BB cream gave me nice, even coverage and felt really lightweight on my skin. With a Broad Spectrum SPF 30, this is perfect for summer and I have rarely seen other BB creams on the western market that provide this high of an SPF protection.”

abeautifulstory eles makeup earth goddess summer 2013A Beautiful Story

Age Defying BB Cream 30
“I have found the BB Cream to be sheer but easily buildable. Make sure you blend it thoroughly, as it has a tanned tinge to it. It packs an SPF 30 punch and is paraben free, so looks after your skin!”

lienjae eles makeup earth goddess summer 2013Lien Jae

Age Defying BB Cream 30
“This BB Cream primes, tints, nourishes, and evens out skin tone and has age defying peptides (tiny protein molecules) and natural extracts to hydrate and strengthen skin.”

Signature Quad in Naturalist
“I am absolutely in love with this eyeshadow palette!”

Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Mocha
“This matte lipstick is a great blend of pink and brown, and has a lovely colour payoff and ultra moisturizing finish.”

morethanadored eles makeup earth goddess summer 2013More Than Adored

Signature Quad in Naturalist
“ELES have released an on point Signature Quad in Naturalist which consists of all matte shadows that are extremely blendable, last all day and of high quality.”

Mineral Sheer Bronzer in Rio De Janeiro
“It’s an incredible bronzer and I’d go as far as to say that I prefer this one over Nars Laguna purely based on the beautiful formula. It is worth noting that this is oil, talc and fragrance free so if you’re sensitive to any of those this is the perfect bronzer for you.”


Written by: Kanya Nanayakkara

How to Apply Bronzer in Three Easy Steps

When it comes to bronzer, there are two types of women in the world – those who can’t imagine life without their bronzer and those who steer clear in fear of looking more Snooki from Jersey Shore than Elle Macpherson…

The difference between these groups? Education. When it comes to achieving bronzed babe perfection, it’s all about technique. And technique is well worth learning because once you master the art of the subtle glow, you won’t be able to imagine your makeup bag sans bronzer.

If you’re in the former category of bronzer-lovers, well done you. If not, read on, experiment and soon enough you will be because we’re about to share our three never-fail tips to flawless bronzing…

It’s much easier to add than subtract when it comes to makeup and this rule is especially true for bronzers. Apply a little, step away from the mirror, come back and examine and only then you can decide whether it’s time to add a little more. Repeat until you’re bronzed to perfection.

What’s the ultimate make-up sin? Well, there are plenty but using the wrong brushes for the wrong reasons is one of the biggest.
Apply bronzer with a large soft brush like the ELES Mini Kabuki Brush and make sure to shake off any excess powder before you apply.

There’s no need to bronze your entire face. A light sweeping across the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin is usually enough to get a perfect sun-kissed look. If you’re wearing a low-cut top, a dusting across the dècolletè will complete the look.

It’s that easy. Be bold, be brave and be bronze, you won’t regret it.


ELES has a range of mineral bronzers to suit every skin type and each is made with a superior mineral formula that will help keep your skin healthy. They’re ideal for sensitive skin types or anyone looking to avoid nasties like talc, oils, fragrance and other potential irritants. Shop ELES Bronzers here.