The Oscars Beauty Trends

There were two major showdowns today; the political one between Gillard and Rudd right here in Australia and the style-stakes one on the red carpet in tinsel town. While the former is important, the later includes makeup and is, of course, far further up our alley.

Here’s a look at a few of the beauty looks we spied on the Academy Awards red carpet today…

Now, loyal readers, we’re not going to sugar coat it, the Oscars dresses this year were extremely disappointing and a total anti-climax. So, we’ve turned our eyes to the beauty department and although there is nothing ground-breaking to be found, we have found a couple of clear trends.

First off, the perfectly grommed brow proves to be a favourite. The days of plucking our brows into non-existence are SO over and the stars are sporting full, face-defining brows that we love. Good brows can seriously change your face and after getting a professional to shape your brows, the best thing you can do is keep them groomed and visible with our Brow Blender Pencil. It’s super easy to use and will keep help disguise any of those pesky areas you’ve over-plucked or that simply refuse to grow.

As for the lips, we’re noticing a few stars opting for a nude shade while others, like Rooney Mara and Mila Jovovich have chosen a pop of red to compliment their outfit. We love a good red lippie and can’t resist the pull of Micro Red.

RED CARPET TIP: Want your lippie to look perfect throughout the red carpet AND the ceremony? Make sure to use a lipliner and apply your lipstick with a lip brush for accuracy.

Cat-like liner took centre stage for crowd-pleaser Emma Stone’s look and Jessica Chastain followed suit with a well-winged line. To achieve liner that demands attention, seek liquid! It’s easier to use than you think (check out our tutorial) and achieves a look that screams Hollywood glam.

All in all the stars chose classic beauty looks this year, employing neutral shades and the time-tested red to bring out their best features and flatter those they’re a little less fond of. This is clever makeup, it’s makeup for the young, the old and everywhere in between. It’s the kind of look any of us can nail.

Want an ELES tutorial on any of the looks in particular? Leave us a comment on Facebook and we’ll help you out!