When Less Really is More: Celebrity Makeunders

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘less is more’ and it’s likely you’ve at some point spotted someone and have had to stop yourself from screaming, ‘tone down the bronzer’! Too much makeup is, well, too much. Makeup is supposed to enhance your best features, not cover up your features all together.

xojane.com started a series of ‘makeunders’ last year that show off just how much better those over-done celebs look without the extra layers of makeup. The most recent makeunder was performed on Audrina Patridge from reality shows The Hills and The City just last week so we’ve cast our eye back to all the incredible results.

During a makeunder, the celeb in question is allowed no more than six products and they have to be applied (by a makeup artist) in under six minutes. The results? STUNNING.

Audrina Patridge from The Hills

Sammi Sweetheart from Jersey Shore

Tinsley Mortimer

These ‘makeunders’ are proof that you don’t need hours and hundreds of products to get a flawless face. In fact, you’re better off using more natural products and a bit of softness than a heavy-handed approach.

If you’re looking to achieve this subtle, fresh-faced look, our Mineral Sheer Tiny SPF 20 will do the trick. As customer Naomi tells it, “Lightweight, sheer and absolutely devine to wear. This little wonder provides beautiful light cover, illuminates the skin and is perfect for everyday wear, there is not a better tinted moistuiser on the market.”
Team this base with a coat lip gloss, a light brush of eyeshadow and some mascara then clean up your browns with our Brow Blender Pencil and you’ll be fresh faced and ready to take on the world in five minutes.

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  1. JennySt
    JennySt says:

    Fresh faced reality TV personality Audrina Patridge looked good in her make under. But the hair piled on top of her head or the short frizzy look in other pictures? Not at all. Audrina is blessed with long thick hair, she looks best with her hair long, down, and cascading on her chest. The piled or shortened frizzy look changes the shape of her face to a rounded, almost pudgy look. She has beautiful skin and looks fine made under but the piled up or shortened frizzy hair does not look good at all.

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