Your guide to perfectly healthy nails

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Before we do nail art, it is important that we have healthy nails. Follow these tips:

  1. Use a nail polish remover that is gentle on your nails. Beware of cheap removers because these are heavily loaded with chemicals and toxins that cause your nails to dry and crisp. Opt for ones that are natural and are not harmful to your body.
  2. Look for a cuticle remover that is gentle and has moisturiser. Not only will it soften the cuticle for a smooth push, it will also hydrate your nails with the moisture it needs. Try ELES Cuticle Remover
  3. If you have thin and weak nails that easily break, look for a repair oil that strengthens the nails. Old folks recommend applying garlic and I hate to admit that I tried this when I was younger. It’s effective but you don’t want to turn off anyone who comes close because of the strong scent like you just stepped out of the kitchen, right? Why put up with the bad smell when you can use ELES Nail Repair instead?
  4. Do you have pesky, dry skin around your nails? This is especially rampant during the colder months and now that we’re stepping out of our caves, get rid of the dry skin fast and easy with nourishing oil for the nails. The ELES Nail Nourish is especially formulated to hydrate and revitalise dry and ageing skin. Try it!
  5. Get rid of yellow nails by applying a base coat before applying your favourite enamel. Just like the primer is to your skin, the base coat is a protective layer that makes sure the polish lasts long and the colour adheres well, while protecting your nails and preventing yellowing with its UV absorbers. Our pick: ELES Base Enamel
  6. Shape your nails. Choose any shape – round, oval or square. If you have wide nails, avoid square and if you have short fingers, avoid round shape. Regardless of shape, you should file the sides perfectly straight. Having too wide or too narrow tip could break your nails easily. Smooth the edges with a sponge buffer.

It’s easier to do nail art when you have healthy nails. Do these tips and you’re ready for your first nail art session. Do you have additional tips to share?

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