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I have fair and rather fine textured brows and would like to enhance them; which product do you recommend and how should I use it? Any tips on how I can also give them a nice shape?

One of the most neglected areas in the average women’s daily makeup ritual is the brows.  A well defined brow frames the face and you will require less eye colour to achieve a finished look.  Very thin and fair brows can be ageing too. 

If your brows are thin and fair, I recommend regular tinting to help define your brows and using a soft Brow Blender to correct the shape. 

To get the perfect shape hold the pencil upwards next to the nose. Place a small dot level with this line, now move the pencil over to the outer part of you iris, this is where the peak of the brow should be, place another small dot here, finally point the pencil from the nose to the outer corner of the eye and place a small dot to extend the brow.

To fill and blend keep in mind that “less is more” the centre of the brow should be the most defined with the beginning and the end softer and more muted.  Use small brush like strokes to fill the gaps but focus the main shape line on the upper part of the brow and not the lower.  Use the brush end of the Brow Blender to brush and soften the colour.


Eye Shadow

I love the new look with the "smokey" eyes; can you give me some tips on how to apply eye shadow in general and also achieve this look. I also want to know how to pick the right shade.

Tip No 1: Careful blending will determine the success of failure of Eye shadow application. For a professional eye makeup look, begin with 3 different colours: The base, usually a very light natural colour, a contour colour for the crease and a highlighter colour for the brow area, and the objective is to blend them together like the colours of a rainbow.  The easiest method: Start light then go darker. Brush the base colour, apply the lid colour and THEN apply the highlighter. Also, don't be too heavy-handed or you'll have to start over.

Tip No 2: Choose shadows that make the colour of your eyes pop. Blues and Grey enhance brown eyes, plums are great for green eyes and browns make blue eyes sparkle.  Don’t be afraid to try different colours but remember the eyeshades should enhance your eyes not take over completely.

Tip No 3: Never cover your brow bone -- unless you're doing a cover shoot for Vogue. You don't want the drama too much shadow brings. Apply shadow up to the brow bone but don't apply shadow ON the bone.

Tip No 4: Highlighter can make or break your look, apply it sparingly and when applying dark shadow to the crease of your eye, be careful to blend only on the upper edge. If you apply colour too close to the eye you'll cause your eyes to look small and closed.

Tip No 5: Shimmer is hot, but plays up wrinkles. Shimmer makes eyes really pop, but it also highlights heavy lids, lines and wrinkles. A great look for shimmer is to create a 'nude' lid, but apply a bit of shimmer to the brow bone. Gorgeous!

Tip No 6: "Smokey" is great, but keep it to the lid and just under the lower lash line. Don't extend colour above the crease.

Tip No 7: How to pair shadow with red lips. Remember the beauty rule 'Thou Shalt Not Play up the Lips AND the Mouth.' If you're going for dramatic red lips (never out of fashion) keep eye shadow light.


Tip No 8: Make eyes brighter with white.  A small dot of white shadow on the inside of the eye near the tear duct will make eyes look brighter.

Tip No 9: Go for colour. Taupe and lavender look great on all eye colours. Also consider mixing shades if you bought a colour that's just too bold for you. Mixing an electric blue with taupe can turn out the most perfect colour.


I would love to have my eyes stand out! I am not sure how many women get their eyelashes to stand out the way they do. Can you please suggest the products I would need and give me some tips on how to use them?

Eyeliner can make or break a perfect makeup.  The best look for the day is a fine line through the lashes and softened with a little eye shadow.  Work from the outside of the eye towards the centre using a smooth motion, if the line is too thick, take a damp cotton tip and wipe the excess.  Wearing eyeliner inside the eye rim can look striking and make the eyes pop, but avoid this if you have small or very deep set eyes.  The role of eyeliner is to make the lashes look thicker so the line can be thicker on the top lash line, create a small “peak” in the outer corners of the eye to give the illusion of an almond shaped eye. When applying eye shadow over the line, wet the tip of a fine brush and pick up the eye shadow, gently pat over the eyeliner for an intense burst of colour. When wearing your liner this way co-ordinate your eyeliner with your eye shadow.  Great tip; Plums and eggplant shades make the eye whites look whiter!


Take your time applying mascara as thick, long lashes look spectacular on anyone. For daytime you might just apply mascara to the top lashes to give a “clean & fresh” look.  Apply mascara to the lower lashes first and allow to dry. Apply small strokes using the tip of the brush and avoid using too much.  Use long sweeping strokes on the top lashes training the lashes to curl up.  The longer and slower the stroke, the longer your lashes will look. Be sure to coat every lash, not just the outer corners.



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