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How do I select the perfect foundation?

“FOUNDATION” - The name says it all, this is the foundation for a perfect makeup and just as you wouldn’t build a house on poor foundations you can’t create the perfect makeup on poorly applied foundation. First, let’s talk about the canvas; your skin.  Healthy skin is the true basis of a beautiful face.  Great skin care is a must.  Your regimen does not have to be lengthy and expensive; however I do recommend professional skin care recommended by a skin care therapist. At the very least invest in a good cleanser, one with gentle micro-beads such as Pevonia’s Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser will keep skin clean and fresh and a good quality moisturizer with sunscreens.  A well hydrated skin will result in a softer, suppler base for foundation to adhere.

Selecting the perfect foundation for you will depend on the sort of coverage you require. Most of us tend to believe we need more than we actually do. Makeup should not be a mask to hide behind but rather a veil to minimize flaws.  It’s better to apply foundation lightly and conceal the flaws, allowing healthy skin to radiate through. ELES™ provides three different foundations; Mineral Sheer Tint is a lightweight tinted moisturizer that provides a moist translucent effect.  While the coverage is sufficient to minimize redness and blotchiness it will allow freckles to show through.  It feels wonderfully cooling on the skin and has the added benefit of anti-oxidants and sunscreens making it ideal for active women or weekend wear.  Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation is denser foundation with a matt finish, its unique texture has beautiful “spreadability” and the finish is picture perfect.  Finally the Mineral Powder Foundation is a fine micro-powder that provides a matt finish.  The coverage can be built up by adding extra layers.  The end result is a soft, velvety texture that is perfect for photography.


How do I pick the right colour foundation?

When choosing your foundation colour-test the product on the jaw line. Apply a small quantity and blend the edges to find the perfect match.  If the colour does not blend away try a shade darker or lighter until you have the right shade.

How do I apply my foundation?

How you apply your foundation will depend on your personal preference.  I prefer blending with my fingers, the warmth helps to break the product down and create a natural look.  Liquid foundations can also be applied with sponges (make sure you clean them well with soapy water after use) or with a foundation brush.  If applying makeup with a sponge apply the product first to the skin then blend with the sponge and with the brush apply to the top of the hand (not the palm which holds bacteria) and take up the product and brush onto the skin, finish by blending with the fingertips.

If you do like to apply powder to set your makeup wait until the foundation has settled for a few minutes otherwise the powder will “cake” and become patchy. Usually the time it takes to apply your concealer is sufficient. 


What does a concealer do for me? How do I use it?

The concealer should be applied after the foundation to conceal dark circles, shadows and minor flaws.  A small brush is the most effective tool, simply apply a small quantity and pat gently.  Do not over-blend the product which will settle quite well on its own.  A great tip is to apply a lighter concealer at the shadowy area between the eyes and the nose. This brightens the eyes up and reduces a “tired” look.  Try ELES Hydra-Bright Line Diffuser beneath the eyes, one end treats and primes and the other end conceals dark circles and for the ultimate facial concealer try ELES Mineral Illuminator Pens, the light deflecting product is easily dispensed from the pen into a brush tip. 



How is Mineral Powder Foundation different from liquid foundations? How do I choose the right colour? How do I apply it?

ELES Mineral Powder Foundation can be used in two ways, to set foundation by applying a light film with a super-large and super-soft powder brush or as a foundation using a more precise “Kabuki-Brush”.  The latter is a short handled brush that allows you to build the layers gradually until you obtain the desired coverage.  Use circular movements when applying mineral foundations onto an open-pored skin to help provide an even result.  Powder foundations may feel a little dry to begin with but after a few minutes the skin’s warmth helps to break down the moisture particles giving a smoother look.  One tip; wait for at least 5 minutes after applying your moisturizer before you apply a powder foundation as a super-moist skin will “grab” the product and the effect may not be even.  Powder foundations are great for touch ups, a little on the T-Zone in the middle of the day keeps makeup looking fresh and perfect.  To test for colour you really need to apply the product along the entire jaw-line and wait a few moments for it to settle.


I am nervous about using Blush since it often ends up looking unnatural; how can I achieve a soft glow instead?

A lot of people apply Mineral Blush to the cheeks after the foundation, however, I prefer to apply it later for two reasons; 1) giving the foundation time to settle will help provide a softer, more natural look and 2) we tend to over-apply blush to compensate for the “blandness” of a freshly based skin.  Use a super-soft brush to ensure the product doesn’t cake in areas, and shake the excess from the brush before applying to the skin.  Then press the brush into the underside of the cheekbone and blend gently.  This ensures there are no hard edges but instead you are left with a soft, natural flush. 


I want to add a warm glow to my face without using any tanning products. Do you have any tips? Which products should I use?

Bronzers should be applied sparingly unless you want your face to look like a mask.  Use a large soft brush and shake the excess before you apply.  A light brush across the forehead, across the nose and cheeks and on the chin is usually enough to get a “sun-kissed” look.  If you are wearing a low cut top a light dusting across the décolleté looks fantastic.


A little on the brow bone, on the outer contours of the lower eye bone and down the nose will give a beautiful finish to your makeup.  Less is definitely more. Try using ELES Mineral Sheer Veil, ELES Mineral Finishing Powder or ELES Mineral Sheer Radiance.



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